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Annemarie Hale runs APT Fitness & Personal Training in Auckland. She recently traveled through MediCation with her family to Thailand for breast augmentation and breast lift surgery (as well as a bit of a holiday). This is her story, as written by her.

For a long time I hadn’t been happy about my boobs after years of bodybuilding and yoyo dieting and then kids years later, my boobs became very saggy and droopy.. not much there apart from skin. I wouldn’t of minded them being small but perky and firm and unfortunately they were neither. So I had always thought about a boob job but just didn’t know if financially we could afford it!

I first heard about MediCation through a friend a couple of years ago and I met Jacqui for a coffee to discuss what her company does etc. From there she left it with me and tried to get me to come along to one of her consult parties but it always clashed with something else.

We were in contact on and off over this time and I finally filled out the form and got my husband to do my photos for me which made it real and I was like yuck I need to get these things sorted.

We then tossed over whether we would take the kids or me go on my own. The only option in the end was we all go for 2 weeks. And Jacqui said it’s a great place for a family holiday so we were happy with that! Jacqui organised all our flights and accommodation so we didn’t have to do anything there, she found us a great apartment in Karon Beach with an awesome pool that the kids would love!

In the meantime I had made an appointment to see a surgeon in New Zealand and see what their recommendation was which was very similar to the recommendation the Thai surgeons had made going only on the photos of me. I got a price back to have my boobs done here which was going to be $20K plus some double for what I could have done in Thailand and we would get to enjoy a family holiday together and enjoy some different culture.

Our experience started great with being picked up at the airport by an organised driver so saved us having to barter with anyone and drove us directly to our apartment which was awesome. We had a couple of days to chill, relax and explore before I went and had my surgery.

I got picked up by a driver from the resort at 7am on the dot on Monday morning to take me to the hospital for my first consultation appointment. Greeted at reception by friendly staff, hospital looked pretty amazing.

Then headed up to the hospital area, greeted again by friendly staff, didn’t have to wait long before tests were done, photos taken and then straight into see the surgeon Dr Pipiasis, who was absolutely lovely.

After the surgeon examined me he realised a straight breast augmentation would not give me the best outcome. I would need a breast lift (lollipop lift, cut round the nipple and down like a lollipop). I was made aware that this could be the case in the original recommendation. This was the case because I had quite a degree of sagging and loose skin, I was hoping it wasn’t this option as my stay in hospital would be more and more recovery but wanted the best outcome as I am only going to do this once!

After the last few tests, was pretty much taken up to my room and prepped for surgery straight away (no mucking around here!). The nurses and staff were all so lovely and made me feel at ease. My surgeon Dr Pipiasis was so lovely he could see I was very nervous so he was holding my hand and rubbing my arm saying have a lovely sleep just before I dozed off!

Operation ended up being around 6hrs so by the time I got out it was night time and a quick call to the family to tell them I’m alright.

Slept on and off the night in quite a bit of pain thinking “shit” what have I done! Are they too big??

The next day was the hardest and longest as just wanting to see my family and every time I rang the kids got all upset. They made it in to see me after a few lost taxi rides and about 2,000 baht later, but was so lovely to see them!

Day 3 after surgery

I’m going home, yah! Still wondering if I have gone too big but hopefully there is swelling to still go down! After surgery, up and about doing stuff with the family. They are feeling tight and still swollen but I’m feeling good, just a little cautious in this heat! But we spent a few hours checking Kata beach out just gutted I can’t go swimming properly but still can paddle my feet. Feeling quite puffy still from all the fluids they pump you with in the hospital and having done no exercise for a week but know this won’t be forever!

Day 4

Still feeling the same as yesterday but could think of worse places to be recovering. Still been out and about with the family and the children enjoy it the most at the resort anyway. So can relax in the deck chair on our balcony and watch them in the pool, win-win situation all round really!

Day 5

Just been to my follow-up appointment to have dressings re-done, everything looking good! It’s great for every appointment I get picked up from the resort lobby and dropped back off after (which has all been organised for me, don’t have to do anything! And the medical staff even wait outside with you till the correct driver arrives, very well organised and all included in the price!) And I feel vey safe as I am on my own when I have come into hospital!

Feeling good today though but still no proper shower or swimming till I get dressings off next Wednesday! Definitely can’t stop looking at them that is for sure, swelling gone down a bit and definitely happy with size! Bloating and puffiness has gone down too so that makes me feel better! Looking forward to fully relaxing and chilling out for another week in this beautiful place!

Day 7

Feeling great, swelling and bloating in my stomach and legs has gone down and swelling has gone down in my boobs so definitely feel now that they are not too big (wondering if I should have gone bigger now I am getting used to them and that they don’t feel so tight and swollen.

Day 9

And off to another check up appointment, hoping that I get my bandages off today and can have a proper shower and maybe even a swim. Feeling good though and back to my normal self apart from the over indulgence on food and drinks and no exercise, but hey can work that off when I get home!

Day 11

Back for my last check up as we fly out tomorrow. Get my stitches out today – yah! Wounds look a little horrific at the moment but hoping once stitches are out they will look better and have to remember scars will fade over time. And anyway no one will see those as I have done this for my own self esteem and more about the look in clothes so I don’t look so flat chested anymore and have to wear padded push-up bras!

I can’t say enough how the service has been amazing, every appointment I get picked up on time, nurses are so lovely and Dr Piyapas is great and all that included in the price of your surgery!

The procedure ended up costing a little more than I expected it to, to get the best outcome and as I say I was made aware this could be the situation in the earlier recommendation. If it could have been just a straight breast augmentation it would have cost less but I needed a breast lift also and I’m wrapped with the results.

Can’t wait to compare my before photos, I bet I will be gob smacked! I would highly recommend Jacqui and MediCation to anyone wanting cosmetic surgery or dental in Thailand.

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