It was a full on week with many appointments, hotel inspections, hospital visits, and a meeting with the Vice President of our Bangkok Dental and Malo Clinics. I always go away feeling content that we are offering New Zealanders and Australians the best that there is.

As well as meeting with our hospital and dental clinics, I like to stay in as many hotels as I can. We have many hotels on our books and there is a criteria they need to meet for our Medi-Cationers. I stayed in 3 this trip but more about that later.

We have 2 new hospitals in Bangkok and they are equally as good, with board certified surgeons and hospital management that will go the extra mile. Piyavate Hospital is only a ten minute drive from some of our affiliated hotels.

At Piyavate, as well as the surgical ward where clients will stay after surgery, they have a ward set aside for patients/clients who would prefer to stay on site in the hospital but independent from the nursing staff. It is more like a hotel room within a hospital ward. This is an outstanding hospital with great nursing staff and a fantastic CEO Dr. Witit. I spoke with him for 2 hours and he truly does want the very best for his international patients – of which they have a lot.

To add to this, when I was speaking to Dr. Witit, he said he likes to add 1 or 2 sessions in the oxygen chamber to help with healing. This procedure has been known to speed up the healing process.

Next meeting was at the Phyathai 2 Hospital which is another JCI accredited hospital right in the heart of the city.

Greeted by Bird – a gorgeous girl who works along side Dr. Boonchai. I remember him from our Phuket Hospital. He is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Wonderful staff and a lovely ward for our cosmetic surgery patients. And the view. The view is one of the most stunning I have seen in Bangkok. Nothing is too much trouble at this hospital. Set up for patients right in front of the nurses station is a massage chair for you to relax in after surgery.

I couldn’t leave Bangkok without meeting with the Vice President of Bangkok Smile and Dental Malo practice. He is an amazing man with innovative ideas. Not only are these dental clinics light years ahead of other dental practises I have met with but their hospitality is first rate. These things feel more like a social outing than a meeting.

They are now partnered with Malo, the inventors of the all on 4 dental implants, and catering to thousands of international clients from all over the world.

I have been to Bangkok many times but this trip was more than special to me as I was able to watch my oldest son play in the Bangkok 10’s. Knocked out in the semi finals but as you can see by his smile in the photo, not terribly bothered. Frankly I don’t know how they did it. Temperature was almost 40 degrees and that was in the shade. How on earth these big men ran around for 2 days in that heat is beyond me!
I stayed in 3 different hotels while I was in Bangkok because I wanted to make sure they had what our clients need. Clean, comfortable bed, good food, good position. Each of them were exceptional and on the last hotel I stayed on the river away from the hustle and bustle and treated myself to the executive suite with a river view. We are now affiliated with this hotel and I highly recommend doing this as the suite comes with great benefits… Brunch on the executive floor, morning and afternoon tea and happy hour from 6 to 7.30 with bubbles and wine and cocktails as well as delicious food.

All round it was a great trip!
– Jacqui x

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