Breast Procedures

Breast Procedures

MediCation makes getting your breast procedure with some of the world’s best medical professionals easy and affordable.

We offer a wide variety of procedures – including breast augmentation (implants) – in some of the most exotic locations in the world. Get high-quality cosmetic surgery for thousands less than you expected then relax and recover in beautiful Thailand, or stay closer to home when you opt for surgery in New Zealand. All breast surgeries are performed by board certified plastic surgeons, under general anaesthetic not twilight. Breast implants are silicone not saline.

All of our Thai hospitals also have hospital policies or a guarantee in place that revision surgery will be provided in the event it becomes necessary.

Post op zip front bras, for easy on and off after your breast surgery, can be purchased from the MediCation online shop and delivered right to your door. We also have compression gear for men having breast reduction. The number of men having breast reduction also known as a “moob job” or a gynecomastia has increased in recent years.

There are many reasons women want breast surgery. Pregnancies and significant weight loss can effect once perky breasts leaving them limp and lifeless. Some ladies just want to increase the size of their breasts to make them feel more in proportion. Other ladies may just feel like a change from their breast implants and opt to have them removed or removed and replaced with new breast implants. What ever the reason, the team at MediCation understand, having been in your shoes.