1 in 2 Medi-Cationers travels
to Thailand for this procedure.

Breast Augmentation, “The boob job”, “The new twins” is the most requested cosmetic surgery procedure both in Thailand and in NZ.

Breast Augmentation enhances the size, shape, fullness, proportion and appearance of your natural breasts by the placement of 2 silicone gel implants. Surgical techniques, implant shape, size and profile will differ for each individual, depending on the patient’s anatomy and expectations. Some women opt for round implants while others prefer the tear drop shape.

Your surgeon will discuss shape, size and placement with you at the face to face consultation. Breast Augmentation is a personal choice and there are a number of reasons a woman might like to have a boob job. It is certain to increase one’s self confidence and self image and often popular with women who have had multiple pregnancies and now find themselves with sagging breasts. Genetic issues can also be a factor.

Surgeon Plastic and reconstructive
Consultation ✓ Included in the price
Hours in theatre 1-2 hours
Anaesthesia General
Hospital stay 1 night
Time at destination 7-8 days
Hospital and airport transfers ✓ Included
Post-op recovery time 3-6 months
Prices start from THB: 99,000
NZD: $4125.00
AUD: $3960.00
Thailand hospital policy or guarantee ✓ Included
Nurse care packages Package or tailor to suit
Finance / Global Insurance / Return Cover / Travel Insurance ✓ All available, read more here


“I love my new boobs. I have so much more confidence in my body. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Sharnese traveled with MediCation and received her breast augmentation surgery in September 2015.

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