Breast Lift


Breast Lift

A breast lift can be combined with augmentation
or reduction to achieve desired breast size as well as shape.

In recent years breast lifts have become a very common procedure. Factors such as genetics, the ageing process, pregnancy and breast feeding, weight gain or loss, and even hormonal fluctuations can cause breasts, that were once firm and shapely, to sag and droop. A Breast Lift, or Mastopexy, can help restore a firmer, shapelier breast and improve body contours.

Breast Lift is often combined with breast augmentation to give projection to the breasts as well as lift.

Techniques for breast lift are:

  • The Donut: A donut-shaped incision is made around the areola. However this technique only offers very minor lift.
  • The Lollipop: Vertical incisions circle the areola and go down from the middle of the areola to the crease of the breast in a straight line (like a lollipop). It is an extremely popular option as it offers correction for moderate to severe sagging.
  • The Anchor: This incision starts with lollipop incisions, then adds horizontal incisions along the breast crease. This is an older technique that is sometimes used for extreme cases of sagging.
Surgeon Plastic and reconstructive
Consultation ✓ Included in the price
Hours in theatre 2-3 hours
Anaesthesia General
Hospital stay 2-3 nights
Time at destination 10-14 days
Hospital and airport transfers ✓ Included
Post-op recovery time 6-12 months
Prices start from THB: 110,000
NZD: $4583.00
AUD: $4400.00
Thailand hospital policy or guarantee ✓ Included
Nurse care packages Package or tailor to suit
Finance / Global Insurance / Return Cover / Travel Insurance ✓ All available, read more here


“I was always too afraid of talking to someone about my body […] until I found Jacqui.”

Misty traveled with MediCation and received her breast augmentation surgery in July 2015.

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