Laser Tooth Whitening

An easy and fast treatment, and one of the most popular dental procedures to date.

Laser tooth whitening is done in the dental clinic and usually takes between 30 and 40 minutes. Whitening results are achieved with a state of the art laser and the procedure is normally painless. However it can effect people with gum or tooth sensitivity and in that case a whitening home kit could be a better option. After your laser whitening procedure it is important to remember not to drink or eat anything with food colouring. This is only temporary, until the treatment has settled, usually 24 hours is sufficient.

The dentist will discuss with you which option will be best for you.

The prices in the surgical chart below are a guideline only
For your personal assessment and dental surgery quote from one of Thailand’s best dental surgeons, please complete the personal assessment form and attach your x-rays.

Dental Surgeon Dentist
Time at destination 1 days
Prices start from THB 3,500; NZD $152

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