Eye Procedures

Eye Procedures

Available procedures


There are 2 different procedures that our ophthalmologist (eye) surgeons can offer our clients.

The first being LASIK Eye Surgery. This procedure is completely painless and very quick, the actual procedure itself will only take minutes to complete. If you suffer from Myopia = near sightedness; Hyperopia = far sightedness; Astigmatism = irregular shaped cornea; and Presbyopia = loss of reading vision, you could be a candidate. In fact up to 98% of people who wear glasses or contact lenses could be suitable candidates for Laser Eye Surgery.

LASIK can greatly improve vision without glasses and the majority of people can see 20/20 the next day after the procedure. LASIK is very safe. There is more risk of vision loss from infection using contact lens than with LASIK.

If you are not a candidate for LASIK then you are probably a candidate for SuperSight. The procedure is performed on patients with failing natural lenses in their eyes. SuperSight is an excellent procedure for the over 45’s who may be suffering from short sightedness or long or both. Our SuperSight surgeon is the pioneer of this procedure and has been performing it for many years.

The procedure involves replacement of the natural lens with the flexible intra-ocular lenses. The procedure may also involve laser correction of the corneal curvatures to decrease astigmatism where indicated. Consequently your vision after the procedure will be stable and unlikely to change over time: this can be life changing in the respect that it will turn back the clock visually. In addition, cataract surgery will be unnecessary later in life.