Facial Procedures

Facial Procedures

As we get older the skin on our face loses elasticity and in some cases the face can look quite loose or saggy.

For some this can be corrected with botox and fillers but for others a face lift is the only solution to remove those ageing jowels, loose skin (especially under the neck) and wrinkles.

Neck lift is often combined with a face lift to remove the turkey neck or loose skin and wrinkles that can dramatically age a woman.

There are many other procedures for the face. A cosmetic procedure as simple as eyelid rejuvenation (removing that hooded eyelid look) can leave your eyes looking wider and fresh. Eyelid surgery can be achieved under a local anaesthetic in our NZ or Thai hospitals.

Nose jobs are also very popular and we have hand picked surgeons that we work with for rhinoplasty as they specialise in this cosmetic procedure. For some it is a simple case of having a bump removed from the bridge of their nose or their nose straightened having been previously broken, while others want a more defined nose. Whatever it is that you would like changed, our top rhinoplasty surgeons will assist you in getting the look you desire.

Whether it’s liposuction to your chin, your ears pinned back or a full face and neck lift, MediCation’s role is to make your cosmetic surgery journey as seamless as possible.