Nose Job


Nose Job

The most popular of all facial procedures.

Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is becoming increasingly popular and increasingly requested especially by young adults. Reshaping or improving the appearance of the nose can be done in a number of ways; by reducing the size, by straightening, raising or lowering, by removing bumps, curves or ridges and by contouring the shape of the bridge of the nose in alignment with the tip. We have 4 preferred surgeons that we work with for rhinoplasty as they specialise in this field.

Surgeon Plastic and reconstructive
Consultation ✓ Included in the price
Hours in theatre 4-5 hours
Anaesthesia General
Hospital stay 1-2 nights
Time at destination 10-14 days
Hospital and airport transfers ✓ Included
Post-op recovery time 6-12 months
Prices start from THB: 160,000
NZD: $6666.00
AUD: $6400.00
Thailand hospital policy or guarantee ✓ Included
Nurse care packages Package or tailor to suit
Finance / Global Insurance / Return Cover / Travel Insurance ✓ All available, read more here


“I had breast augmentation and open rhinoplasty whilst in Phuket and was very nervous to say the least. But knowing it was all sorted and with how smoothly it all ran put me at ease.”

Briana traveled with MediCation and received her breast augmentation and open rhinoplasty in September 2015.

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