Restore your vision to that of a teenager!

That’s right… super sight for the over 45s. Throw those reading glasses away. This procedure is for short sighted or long sighted people or both. It’s for people sick of wearing glasses or contact lenses or both.

The SuperSight surgery procedure is performed on patients with failing natural lenses in the eyes, which are now optically inefficient. The procedure involves replacement of the latest development soft and well – flexible intra-ocular lenses, which are designed to give most patients the ability to perform their normal activities. The procedure may also involve laser correction of the corneal curvatures to decrease astigmatism where indicated.

Consequently your vision after the procedure will be stable and unlikely to change over time: this can be life changing in the respect that it will turn back the clock visually. In addition, cataract surgery will be unnecessary later in life.

Surgeon Ophthalmologist
Consultation Included
Hours in theatre 40 – 60 minutes
Anaesthesia Mild sedative
Hospital stay Procedure done as an outpatient
Time at destination 7 – 14 days
Post-op recovery time 1 – 14 days
Prices start from THB 55,000 – 115,000; NZD $2,391 – $5,000

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