We’re all looking for that perfect smile.

Whether its reducing pain, replacing lost teeth or just wanting our smile to look a little more even, most of us have something that we’d just love to improve to flash those pearly whites with confidence!

Here at Medi-Cation! Our Thailand Dental package allows you to both enjoy a holiday in paradise and receive world-class dental treatment in a top clinic at the same time. You can save thousands on dental care whilst sunning yourself on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Sound good? It certainly is!

“I am so happy with my dental makeover and so glad that I did it. I would recommend Medi-Cation to anyone considering dental work in Thailand. Medi-Cation and Jacqui support you before, during and after you have had the work done. They really care. Having this dental work done has given me so much more confidence and people can’t stop staring at my new smile. Best compliment yet came from my brother who whacked his leg and said, “F#$@! your teeth look great Wayne”

Wayne traveled with Medi-Cation and received all on 5 top jaw and all on 4 bottom jaw in October 2016.

So, what makes a Thailand Dental Package so exciting?

You may have heard a little about travelling abroad to receive dental treatment. And it can sound scary… Going to a different country, being treated by foreign dentists… The great news is that we exist to bring you the best possible medical care within the most luxurious surroundings. We’ve been where you’re going! Jacqui pictured below with some of our affiliated dental clinic staff.

World-Class Treatment

We work alongside the Thailand teams (part of the MALO CLINIC global network), who have been the world’s leading provider of dental implants since 2003. With expertise gained over 10 years of experience, the treatment you receive – including a full consultation and 3D imaging session – is possibly more advanced than a treatment you would receive at home.

70 percent of the dental clients in our clinics are international clients and this number is growing. Not surprising with their up to the minute technology and international guarantee.

What level of care will I get?

Our dentists have trained at and graduated from dental schools in U.S, UK, Australia and Japan. They are all board certified in the fields of implantation, restoration, cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery.

In addition to your procedure, our clinic offers a full consultation, taking into account existing conditions, to determine your suitability for any treatment you require.

You couldn’t be in safer hands.

How much do I save on Dental Treatment?

With costs in the region of 300,000 THB (or approximately $11,722.00 NZD) for 4 dental implants and a full acrylic bridge per jaw, the cost savings from receiving your treatment in Thailand are simply amazing. The average cost in New Zealand being about $42,800.00 for the same procedure. Think treatment at a third of the cost you would be charged locally, plus the holiday of a lifetime thrown in for fun!

So, if you’re still dreaming about that perfect smile, you need to book our Thailand Dental Package. Covering implants, crowns/bridges, veneers, laser tooth whitening, removal of wisdom teeth and much more, you can achieve your dream look, in the care of world class surgeons – and maybe even catch a tan in the process!

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