Your Warranty

Your Warranty

Fly Back Cover is your warranty to yourself in the unlikely event you may need to return to Thailand for revision surgery. Our hospitals and surgeons stand by their guarantees and hospital policies regarding revision surgery, however they do not cover the travel costs involved such as flights, hotel and ground transfers. At MediCation, we offer Fly Back Cover to pay for the following travel costs for our clients.

Fly Back Cover inclusions
  • Hotel: Minimum 3-4 star property (maximum stay is to be stipulated in Hospital/Surgeon Review Board offer)
  • Meals: Full breakfast buffet
  • Flights: Return Economy flights chosen by MediCation, on Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airlines; or other as selected by MediCation
  • Transfers: Return Airport – Hotel Transfers in Thailand & Hotel to Hospital transfers in Thailand
  • Procedures: Fly Back Cover is only available for revision surgery for Breast, Body and Facial Procedures including Capsular Contracture under 400cc.
Fly Back Cover exclusions
  • Fly back cover does not include any form of reimbursement compensation or payout by MediCation for the cost of travel.
  • Fly back cover does not cover or include any other costs, compensation or payment or any other claim or action relating to our clients original or revision surgery unless otherwise agreed to by MediCation in writing or by law.
  • Emergency medical treatment, treatment for infections, increasing size of implants and scar revision.
  • Fly back cover must be purchased before surgery
  • Fly back cover is valid for 12 months after the surgery date
  • Fly Back Cover is only valid for cases where complications arise that require revision surgery by your plastic surgeon. Revision surgery must be accepted by your plastic surgeon, and the hospital where the procedure/s was performed, and MediCation in writing prior to returning to Thailand.
  • Valid for economy class travel, Australian departure airports: Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Gold Coast. NZ flights ex Auckland. Transfers to departure airports not included.
  • Black out periods apply such as school holidays and peak times.
  • Hotel booked will be 3–4 star hotel. Friend or partner accompanying you will be charged extra.
  • Fly Back Cover does not include room service, mini bars, travel insurance or any other benefits other than what is stated in the inclusions list.
  • Return travel cover items will be arranged and paid for one time pending application and approval.
  • Fly Back Cover is only available for revision surgery for breast, body and facial procedures.
  • The hospital must accept full responsibility for the client to receive revision surgery.
  • Fly back cover is only available upon receipt of surgical formal review board offer to client for full revision surgery.
  • You must have followed the pre and post operative guidelines:
    • Have followed surgeon’s instructions.
    • Not acted negligent or behaved irresponsibly during recovery.
    • Stopped smoking 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after surgery.
    • Attended post surgery follow up appointments in Thailand and on return home post-surgery phone calls and/or emails, including submission to MediCation of 6 and 12 week post-surgery images.
  • It is a requirement of validity that you contact jacqui@medicationtours.com immediately should any complications arise after your surgery.
  • Revision surgery will be advised by the surgical board. Revision surgery would likely take place 12 months after the original surgery to allow proper wound healing and aesthetic results.
  • All claims for Fly Back Cover will be assessed on a case by case basis and co-ordinated by MediCation. MediCation will inform the client if revision surgery will be provided.
  • Capsular contracture for less than 400cc and other cases may be accepted subject to written approval from the surgical board.

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