Helen travelled in 2017 and received a full face lift, arm lift and vaser lipo

Helen first heard of MediCation through a friend, attended one of our free consult parties in 2015 and had a special promotion tailored to her surgical and travel needs. This is her story…

About three years ago I lost around 35 kilos in weight. Although I now looked a whole lot better and a whole lot thinner – unfortunately I now had huge amounts of ugly loose skin under my upper arms! This loose skin was not able to be ‘exercised’ away and I felt really conscious when wearing sleeveless dresses and tops with this unsightly loose skin.

When I heard that my friend Mo was heading away in a years time to Thailand, to get some plastic surgery done, I mentioned about my underarms and we decided we would go over to Phuket together so both of us could get surgery done at the same time. Mo put me onto Jacqui at MediCation and she organised the whole trip from start to finish, including the surgery, hospital, surgeon, accommodation, flights, transport and transfers. The time finally came and in August this year Mo and I were flying off to Phuket – to initially have surgery followed by recovery time, and then our husbands (who were also good friends) were coming over for ten days holiday with us at the end.

I initially thought I would just get the underarm excess skin removed but then thought if I am going all that way why not get my turkey neck and double chin removed as well. At the clinic my surgeon also suggested I have a eyebrow lift and said a lower facelift would be ideal for what I wanted done.

Both surgeries also required some liposuction. Because I was over sixty and was going to be operated on for over five hours I had to do a treadmill walking test which I passed with flying colours! I was also given a few other tests just to make sure my body would be up to the surgery, which it was! They are very thorough there. Finally the day arrived for my surgery. I arrived early morning at the Hospital and after some more routine tests I was given my own room which was very nice and very big, and then taken to surgery. My surgeon was very reassuring as by this stage I was starting to feel a little nervous. He held my hand while I was being put under by the anaesthetic. A few hours later I was being woken up and the surgery had been done.

I admit that for the first five days I hated looking in the mirror as I was very swollen and my eyes were little slits. On the sixth day I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror – I couldn’t believe how young I looked! My god this surgery had wiped off about 10 to 15 years of my life! I started sending photos through to my family and friends and they couldn’t believe how young I looked also! My arms also looked great – no more unsightly loose skin!

I spent three days and three nights in hospital and then spent another 6 days recovering at the hotel before my husband came and we then spent another ten days having a great holiday in Phuket. The hospital was really nice with lovely food and heaps of it. You could choose what you wanted to eat each day. The nurses very friendly and helpful although sometimes some of their English was a bit limited!

I have had nothing but positive comments about the new me! My husband is thrilled he now has a much younger looking wife! My children can’t believe the difference! I now have three sisters and a lot of friends who also want face lifts. My friend Mo was also thrilled to bits with her surgery!

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