Mummy Makeovers

What is a mummy makeover and is it just for mummies?

The short answer, it’s a breast procedure and tummy tuck

The most common breast procedure is a standard breast augmentation, but not all will fit into this category. Some women will need a breast lift and others will need a breast lift combined with breast implants to lift the breasts and return the nipples to their natural position whilst at the same time making the breasts perky and full.

Mummy makeover is not just for mummies. It is a popular procedure with men and women of all ages who have lost a significant amount of weight and find themselves left with loose skin and stretch marks. Men and women are polar opposites when it comes to the breast procedure with the ladies wanting their breasts restored to their former perky glory and  the men opting for gynecomastia (breast reduction) to rid them of the dreaded “man boobs”.

It’s one of MediCation Tours’ most frequently requested procedures mainly due to the calibre of our plastic surgeons. We work with the best in Thailand and many of them specialise in multiple procedures. Word of mouth in New Zealand is a powerful thing when it comes to excellent results and renewed confidence.

The price of a mummy makeover starts at around NZD $12,000 in Bangkok, but our plastic surgeons will need to assess which procedures you require before giving you a quote. If you are interested in getting a quote for mummy makeover, complete the free personal assessment form on our website and attach your photographs. There are photo instructions on the personal assessment form or you can also find the photo instructions here. You will see examples of how to pose for the photos and instructions on how to take the photos yourself if you have no one to take them for you.

We are very fortunate to have the support of a New Zealand plastic surgeon for our New Zealand clients. He will see clients upon request, before they go to Thailand or after they have returned from Thailand. He commends our Thailand plastic surgeons for their work. Himself an excellent plastic surgeon with no problem admitting that the price and quality of our Thailand cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic surgery holiday packages are unbeatable.

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Tummy Tuck & Breast Lift

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