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Should I pay off my cosmetic surgery holiday?

The question of whether or not it is a good idea to get a payment plan to pay for cosmetic surgery is a personal choice. For some, it may be the only way to get the procedure they want or need in a shorter period of time.

While I was visiting with my son and daughter-in-law recently, the subject of payment plans was raised. My daughter-in-law would like breast augmentation surgery in Thailand and wanted to know what her options were in regard to paying for her surgery and travel costs.

On the one hand, we try to teach our children to be wise with money and save for that rainy day and on the other hand, having had 50 years of life experience I know how important it is to feel good in your own skin and that life is short!

Our conversation took me back to when I wanted breast augmentation, and how I felt before and after the surgery. I’m sure many of you reading this will be able to relate.

I was already a young mum to one son, and 10 days shy of my 22 birthday I became a mother to two more, twins. While this has had many benefits, most of which I enjoy now with my three adult sons, it also had a downside.

After the birth of my twins whose combined weight totalled almost 16lb, I can remember crying. I was crying for many reasons, after giving birth to these two beautiful little boys. I cried because I was exhausted and emotional. I felt so in love and proud and all those emotions we feel as mums. I cried because I was scared because I was not even 22 and knew that now I was responsible for three lives, and selfishly I cried because I knew that my body would never ever be the same not without the help of a  cosmetic surgeon.

Back then, which is almost 29 years ago, cosmetic surgery was so expensive. We had no idea that you could venture overseas for cosmetic and plastic surgery and there were no options in New Zealand to pay cosmetic surgery off. Cosmetic surgery was for celebrities, not for suburban housewives – but thankfully things have changed.  Eventually I did have my  breast augmentation surgery and I can tell you I have never looked back. For me it was life changing. I not only looked better, I felt better. I felt confident and sexy which was something I hadn’t felt most of my adult life.

For those of you who may be interested in this option, MediCation Tours have an exclusive with CWA for our NZ clients seeking payment plans for cosmetic and dental surgery in Thailand.

The feedback from clients who have gone through CWA is that  the process couldn’t be easier. Successful applicants will usually see the funds within a week to 10 days. It truly is that simple. Payments start at as little as $25 a week, depending on what procedure you would like and the term you would like to pay it off over. They have a flat rate of 12% and there are no hidden costs. The administration/set up fees are all included so there are no nasty surprises. There are no penalties for early payment so you can pay it off to the term agreed or if you have a windfall, pay it off earlier without being penalised.

Payment plans may not be for everyone and that is completely understandable, but for some it may be the only way they can have the procedure they want or need. On a personal note if this option had have been available to me at 22 years old, I would have jumped at it.

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