Medi-Cation is only affiliated with world class surgeons and world class hospitals.

When you book through Medi-Cation for plastic surgery or dental care in Thailand, there is no need to worry if your operation is being performed by the best surgeon, at the best hospital, because we have done your homework for you. Medi-Cation has spent years researching the hospitals and surgeons in Thailand and only chooses to work with those that are of world class standard.


All of our hospitals are JCI accredited. “Joint Commission International (JCI) identifies, measures, and shares best practices in quality and patient safety with the world.” JCI is the recognised leader in international health care accreditation and is the seal of approval for off-shore medical travellers.

Australians travel to Thailand for medical vacations annually


of Thailand's visitors are medical-related travellers


infection rate in 2015 (at our affiliated hospital)

Statistics show that having plastic surgery in Thailand is as safe as having plastic surgery in New Zealand.

It is reported that the infection rates in our Thai hospitals are far less than the infection rates in Australia and New Zealand being as low as 0.3% in 2015, with only four reported infections from 1,263 surgeries performed over a one year period.

World class surgeons with world class training

All of Medi-Cation’s surgeons are plastic surgeons and many are also reconstructive surgeons that are world leaders in their specialist field.

These surgeons are highly experienced, performing hundreds of plastic and cosmetic surgeries each year (quite often far more than those in Australia or New Zealand) and they have all been doing so for many years. The Thai education and surgery training is equivalent to the training in western countries. After medical school they receive years of internship and surgery residency training before they are able to be board certified in plastic surgery.

Most of our surgeons are also ISAPS members (International Society Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons). This international society was established more than 40 years ago to ensure plastic surgeons worldwide can share their skills and knowledge and are up to date with the latest techniques. With access to worldwide educational courses and new procedures to improve surgery and safety procedures they can ensure they continue to be world class surgeons. 

Not only have Medi-Cation’s surgeons performed some of the best work we have seen, they are kind and caring with it. And of course, all of our surgeons and nursing staff speak very good English.

All precautions are taken prior to surgery

Prior to undergoing surgery in Thailand a number of procedures are performed to ensure your health and safety including a blood pressure test, an ECG to test the heart, and blood tests. On occasion they may find previously unknown health issues and in this case surgery will not go ahead until it is deemed safe to do so. With the range of state of the art equipment and specialists at our hospitals, you are in the best possible hands. Every precaution is taken. And you should take every precaution in your preparation for surgery, whether it is in New Zealand or in Thailand.

It is also recommended by our surgeons that you do the following at least one month before surgery:

  • Stop smoking
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Eat well, exercise and get adequate sleep.

You will have a much faster recovery if you are in the best possible shape before your procedure.
We believe having surgery in Thailand with our affiliated hospitals is as safe as New Zealand as long as our clients prepare for the surgery as they would at home and follow the instructions given to them by our Thai surgeons.

“What is the surgery process?”

Once you have been cleared for surgery you will be taken into the operating theatre to undergo your chosen procedure. Following your procedure you will wake up in the recovery room where you will be monitored for approximately two hours, before being taken back to your own private room.

The patient rooms are some of the largest in the world, each having their own bathroom, fridge, flat screen TV and often their own balcony. The length of stay required in the hospital will depend on the surgery. For example, a standard breast augmentation will require a one night stay.

When it is time to be discharged from the hospital you will be given your take home medicines, after care instructions and contact details for the hospital. Our driver will collect you and take you back to your hotel.

Depending on the procedure you have undergone you will be required to see the surgeon for a follow up consultation and this is usually 7 to 10 days after surgery. The surgeon will check the wounds and dressings and remove any stitches that may need to be removed. They will ensure you are ready to travel home safely and don’t forget our hospitals have a guarantee and or hospital Policy (read more here)


“Everything was very professional. Thank you Jacqui.”

Fiona traveled with Medi-Cation and received dental treatment in June 2016.

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“I have just returned from Phuket where Jacqui arranged myself and my friend dental treatment. From the minute we were picked up from our hotel to the dental treatment everything was very professional. Thank you Jacqui.”



“Jacqui was fantastic. Her fees are low and she deals with you personally so you get everything tailored to your needs.”

Tara traveled with Medi-Cation and received endoscopic breast augmentation in October 2016.

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“Jacqui was fantastic. Her fees are low and she deals with you personally so you get everything tailored to your needs. She is very knowledgeable and understanding. She organised everything for me (flights, transfers, doctor, perfect English speaking nurse), kept it nice and simple for me so there was less stress and the hospital was so organised and ultra clean which is something we rarely get here. I highly recommend her and will be using her again!”



“I love my new boobs. I have so much more confidence in my body. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Sharnese traveled with Medi-Cation and received her breast augmentation surgery in September 2015.

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“Well I love how my surgery went, I have had a good recovery and I love my new boobs.

I didn’t rest as much as I should of though because I was in Thailand haha so I didn’t really wanna be resting but I had such a good time in Thailand, the services of the hospital was amazing! And I loved everything about it. I have already recommended this to other girls and a few are serious about getting it done.

So a lot of good things, and I feel more confident too.

Great experience.”


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