Years prior to wanting cosmetic surgery, I had had a gastric bypass to help me lose weight.

The bypass worked wonders but left me with a lot of loose skin. The only option to get rid of the loose skin was to have cosmetic surgery.

I travelled to Bangkok in August 2017. I wanted to be there a few days before my cosmetic journey began in September.

I had a mid/lower face, neck lift, eye rejuvenation, thigh lift, arm lift and breast lift with breast implants. You can’t of course have all of these procedures in one surgery, so this meant three separate operations. I completed my makeover with the dental work that I had been putting off for some time because of the prices in New Zealand.

It was an amazing experience and when you go through something like this, it is filled with ups and downs. This was a treat I had been promising myself for years, and once I had sold my house I was determined to do it. You only live once.

The house sale actually happened fairly quickly, so next thing, arrangements were being made. As I was saving money, and a lot of money, by having this done in Thailand, I decided I would stay in a 5 star hotel. Jacqui arranged this for me.

My room

My room was on the executive floor which entitled me to all the executive benefits: Buffet breakfast on the executive floor, so no queueing for me. Afternoon tea was also provided. High tea with all the yummy cakes and sandwiches. Happy hour at 5pm with bubbles and all means of finger food. I actually think staying here may have saved me money as I barely needed to venture out for anything.

My room overlooked the Menam River and it was huge. I had a king size bed, in a separate bedroom with an ensuite bathroom off it, big enough to fit both a bath and a shower. My room had its own lounge with a 50″ flat screen TV. The room was so big it even had a writing desk. It was fantastic and I had plenty of space to sprawl out during my recovery.


It’s important to tell you that because I was having so much done, I did stay in Bangkok the length of time the surgeon recommended. I was there for 5.5 weeks. I also followed his instructions to the letter as I wanted to make sure I gave my body everything it needed to heal. It wasn’t all plain sailing. I had been through a lot of procedures and the anaesthetic alone can effect the way you are feeling. That combined with being away for so long from family and friends was hard at times. My advice would be stay in touch with them. Give them a call or a text everyday.


Before I left for Bangkok, I had decided I was going to share my journey on Facebook so others could see what the hospital, surgeons, nurses, hotels and recovery was like. This proved to be not only of benefit to others but also to me because of the lovely messages from family and friends – It really keeps you going.

The blues didn’t last for long as I am a very happy, positive person so I managed to get out of the hotel quite a lot. This did not prove to be such a good thing because when it was time for me to head home back to NZ, I actually needed to arrange freight for all the excess luggage I had managed to acquire on my outings “shopping trips”. The shopping is out of this world.

I love the reactions of others more than anything and I know that Jacqui herself was gob smacked when she saw me. She said I looked beautiful. I am so pleased with how I look and I feel great!

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