I invite you to join me on my own personal journey, as I travel to Thailand for a tummy tuck
Yes that’s me, the BEFORE pics…

I am documenting my personal journey to help anyone else who may be thinking of having a cosmetic procedure in Thailand. Medication Tours have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people achieve their cosmetic surgery dreams and in 14 days, as the Director and founder of Medication Tours, I will be taking my own cosmetic journey  to Phuket Thailand, accompanied by my wonderful partner Greg.

I will keep you posted on how I am feeling and my results on FB and IG so please like our Medication Tours page if you would like to follow my story or go to the bio link in the Medication Tours Instagram page to be kept updated.

What I am having done

I am having vaser liposuction to my upper and lower abs and waist, combined with a tummy tuck.

Why I am having it

Since the birth of my three large babies my tummy has never looked the same as it did pre pregnancy. My first son was born weighing just shy of 10 pounds and not quite three years later I gave birth to twin sons who weighed 7lb 4oz and 8lb 1oz. Not being a very big person in stature or weight, the pregnancies left me with loose skin and stretch marks on my tummy area and slightly above my navel. No amount of working out has ever repaired my stomach muscles fully and the more weight I lost, the worse my tummy area appeared. I could cover this area with clothes but never felt comfortable in a bikini or anything showing my mid drift. My clothing choices have always been restrictive.

I had a breast augmentation several years ago which boosted my confidence immensely, but because of the time required to recuperate from a tummy tuck and the time it takes to run a business, I have had to put the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure off until now.

I will be having my surgery at PPSI, under the care of plastic surgeon Dr Piyapas. I will be in the hospital for five nights and once I am discharged, I will be staying with my partner Greg at a hotel resort on the beach in Karon for another 10 nights before we fly home. I am very lucky to have my wonderful partner supporting me through this, as I know many clients do this on their own.

I’m slightly nervous.. but very excited. I will keep you posted.



My surgeon, Dr Piyapas
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