6 weeks post op tummy tuck  and vaser lipo. Buy the ticket, take the ride !!!!

I have been in compression wear 24/7 for the last six weeks and today I am finally able to shed my second skin as it were.

The two most important things I have learnt during my tummy tuck experience are:

  • The compression wear is very important. Is it a pain wearing it 24/7 for 6 weeks? Yes, and no. At first It may take you longer to get ready in the morning, and if you are anything like I was the first few days after surgery, you may need a hand with the fastenings and zips. The compression garments are tight and with good reason… the tighter the compression wear, the better the shape.
  • Sleep – if you are tired, rest is your body’s way of healing itself. Our plastic surgeons will prescribe you sleeping pills if you need them. I needed them.

I found the whole experience fantastic from start to finish.

The advantage for me being the Director of MediCation Tours is I know the Thai plastic surgeons very well and have seen their beautiful work and amazing results for many years.

Our Phuket hospital runs like clockwork. The nurses are all registered nurses who speak good English and are in and out of your room checking your blood pressure and giving you medication. They are with you before during and after surgery.

The surgeon who performed my procedures was Dr Piyapas. He is a softly spoken friendly man with an excellent bed side manner. In my case I was a little out of the ordinary because most men or women having a tummy tuck have a spare roll of fat. Whereas my tummy tuck was to repair damaged muscles that had been separated from pregnancies and loose skin on my tummy from carrying very large twin babies.

My options were:

  • A full tummy tuck which involved repairing the upper and lower abdominal muscles and pulling the lose skin down and removing it. The belly button would also need to be repositioned. In my case this would have given me visible scars on my tummy as I did not have enough fat or lose skin to pull down.


  • I could have a tummy tuck below my belly button to repair the separated muscles and remove the lose skin.

After lengthy discussions with Dr Piyapas and my partner we all decided that the second option was the best one to go with.

I also had vaser liposuction to my upper and lower abdomen and hips. I would highly recommend combining the vaser liposuction with the tummy tuck as this is how he was able to give me an hour glass figure.

If you would like to chat to me about my experience or find out more please contact me on 021 500 688 or jacqui@medicationtours.com

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