Non-Surgical Procedures

Non-Surgical Procedures

A broad term used to describe any procedure or treatment, that does not require a scalpel or general anaesthesia.

Hair transplant can fall under this category, because one of the techniques used by our specialist hair transplant surgeon is non-surgical.

All of our hospitals have a beauty or skin centre where an array of beauty treatments are available. Beauty treatments such as laser hair removal, veins, botox, fillers, thermage, face brightening, coolsculpting and more.

Many times a client will come for cosmetic surgery and select a separate beauty treatment, as an add on after surgery, for example ladies having facelifts may want fillers in their lips.

As well as the many different beauty treatments that you can have in Thailand we also have Wellness clinics that offer health and wellness procedures such as the vitamin IV. Clients combine this procedure before and after surgery as it can help speed up the recovery process and give your immune system a boost. One of our top plastic surgeons in Phuket has been using this treatment on his patients for years especially if they have had face or body surgery. Stem cell is also very popular with clients wanting to rejuvenate and regenerate the cells.

No matter which treatment you are interested in MediCation’s team will only be to happy to help.