Our Plastic and Cosmetic surgeons

Thailand’s surgical superstars

Our Plastic and Cosmetic surgeons

Thailand’s surgical superstars

Collectively, they perform thousands of surgeries each year, repairing, reshaping and perhaps more importantly – restoring confidence. Our plastic and cosmetic surgeons have sharp social skills and a strong sense of ethics on top of the necessary years of training. Advances in research means that upskilling for our dedicated plastic surgeons is a lifelong pursuit.

Our Thai surgeons continue their training, building on their skills with new techniques and procedures. They have extensive experience in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, with a deep understanding of the interconnection between muscle, bone and skin, making their aesthetic work unprecedented.

We work closely with
Thailand’s best plastic and reconstructive surgeons

Our famous surgeons are extremely popular and frequently requested by our New Zealand and Australian clients. Whilst all our plastic and reconstructive surgeons can perform any cosmetic surgery procedure, most of our plastic surgeons have procedures that they prefer or specialise in. We have plastic and reconstructive surgeons who specialize in open rhinoplasty, removing humps, reshaping or refining your nose to a more natural look. Some of our surgeons prefer breast procedures from breast augmentation to breast reduction for women and men. We have other surgeons that prefer facial procedures, turning back the clock with a face or neck lift. Plastic surgeons that are experts in multiple procedures such as mummy makeover, one of the most requested procedures by MediCation Tours clients.

We have two new additions to our surgical superstar team, their specialty being Gastric sleeve/weight loss surgery. This procedure can be performed in either Bangkok or Phuket.

Whichever procedure you desire, rest assured we have the best plastic and reconstructive surgeon on our dream team who is more than capable of giving you the look you have been dreaming of. With years of experience under our belt, MediCation Tours has the knowledge and expertise to pair each client to the plastic surgeon best suited to perform the cosmetic procedure/s you seek, thus enabling optimal long-term results.

Our surgeons operate out of four of the best  internationally accredited hospitals in Thailand which also gives us more flexibility with our hospitals and surgeons. Clients trust us to handle all the necessary arrangements required between the hospital and the surgeon.


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