How to take photos of yourself from your smart phone

(Set your phone up in the right position to take the photos yourself)

  1. Press the camera app on your screen
  2. If your phone has the capability, select the internal camera by pressing on the icon that looks like a camera with 2 circular arrows inside it
  3. You will see a clock at the top of the screen which represents the timer mode – press it
  4. You will see 3 options: off, 3 seconds, and 10 seconds
  5. Press 10 seconds then press the round camera button at the bottom
  6. It will start counting back from 10

Make sure to follow the photo instructions or examples for the procedure you require.

Photos will need to be clear and taken in good lighting for our surgeons to accept them. If they are not this will delay the surgical assessment and we may require new photos.

Breast Procedures

10 images

  • Please remove all upper garments
  • Level of camera lens should be the same level as nipples
  • Take all images standing upright, and then repeat leaning forward

Full front view: neck to naval
Left and right side views: neck to naval, arms slightly back from torso


6 images + OPG x-ray

  • All photographs taken front on

Full front view: as much tooth and gum exposed as possible
Full front view: pulling bottom lip down with mouth open to show lower jaw
Full front view: head slightly tilted back, pulling top lip up to show upper jaw

Facial Procedures

3 images

  • Please pull hair back from face, neck and ears for all images

Full front view: from top of head to shoulders
Left and right side views: from top of head to shoulders

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

4 images
Full front view: from top of head to neck
Left and right side views: from top of head to chin
Left and right frontal views: at 45 degree angle
Upward view of inside nose: lift head backwards exposing nostrils/septum

Body Procedures

4 images

  • Focus on the area requiring treatment/surgery
  • Please remove all garments, low rise underwear acceptable

Tummy tuck / liposuction / abdominal / other body
Front / rear / left and right: shoulders to knees, arms slightly away from the torso

Arm Lift

2 images

  • Wearing a singlet or bra is acceptable

Front and rear views: neck to waist with arms out to the side, level with shoulders (T-shape)

Vaginal Procedures

2 images
Front standing view: relaxed, legs slightly apart
Sitting view:legs spread

Hair Transplant

5 images