Your Journey

Let’s get started

Let’s get started

Before we book your tour and procedures, we focus on understanding exactly what result you’re looking for. Rather than matching you with the next available surgeon, we want to ensure you are under the care of the specialist whose expertise best suits your specific needs.

Starting your journey


Step 1: Your Personal Assessment

  • The first step in getting started is to give us a full background about your current situation and what you would like to achieve.
  • Take your time to complete our online FREE Personal Assessment form as fully as possible. Attach photographs and/or dental x-rays, then send the form back to us.
  • By including photos and x-rays, our specialist surgeons will be able to advise on the best procedure(s) to achieve the results you want.

Step 2: Your surgeon’s recommendations

  • Once an assessment has been completed by the surgeon, they will send us a recommendation that outlines which procedure(s) will best achieve the result you want, and how long you will need to stay in Thailand after surgery.

Step 3: Booking your tour

  • When we have thoroughly reviewed the surgeon’s assessment, we will contact you to go through their recommendations, answer any questions you may have and discuss what dates you would like to travel to Thailand.
  • Once you are happy with every detail, we will confirm a surgery date and liaise with you so that you can book your flights.
  • Please do not make any flight bookings until we come back to you with confirmed dates.
Tour Details

Our Care & Comfort Packages

Designed for those travelling with a companion or by themselves to Thailand. These four and five star accommodation packages include VIP airport transfers, appointment and consultation transfers, and post op nurse care to your hotel should you require it.

Getting Ready to Go

Before you depart for your Thailand medical tour, you will receive a comprehensive MediCation information pack. This contains details about everything from where to purchase post-surgery compression wear to details about travel. Your pack will also include your personal itinerary, with detailed timings, locations, procedures and consultation information.

Preparing for Your Procedures

For all appointments, passport identification will be required by our specialist hospitals and clinics. Please remember to take your passport with you each time you visit.

Before your procedure, have a quiet evening and early night. If you are having a surgical procedure the next day, please remember not to have food after midnight.

Surgical – Procedure Process
Our Care & Comfort Package clients will be collected from the hotel by your driver for all consultations and appointments. Your initial meeting with your surgeon will be a full consultation that will include blood tests and health checks. Your procedure will usually be the same day and your nurses will help you relax and take you through what will happen at each step.

Surgical – Hospital Stays
Following your procedure, you may be spending some nights in hospital. The length of your stay will depend on the procedure(s) you have had. When it is time to leave the hospital, your driver will be waiting to collect and deliver you safely back to your hotel.

Surgical – After Care
Before leaving the hospital, your surgeon will arrange a follow up appointment with you, usually for 5 – 7 days later. Follow up appointments will involve the removal or changing of dressings and removal of stitches by the surgeon. During every phase of your after-care you will be given detailed recovery information.

Dental Procedures
Dental clients will usually have their initial consultation the day following their arrival. Your dental surgeon will confirm your treatment plan and appointments with you during this consultation. All of our selected dental clinics are located near your hotel for your convenience.

Post-Procedure Support at Home

While every surgery carries with it an element of risk, it is very rare for our clients to experience post-surgery issues. However, if you have any concerns at all, we always recommend you contact your GP in the first instance. Please then contact us and let us know. We have a New Zealand plastic surgeon on call who is available to consult with any of our clients once they are back home.