Our Thailand Rhinoplasty Surgery Holiday Packages

Our Thailand Rhinoplasty Surgery Holiday Packages

Whether you want to reshape or refine the appearance of your nose, our specialist surgeons will ensure you achieve a beautiful and natural result. Each of the surgeons we work with is highly qualified – one of our team even trained under world-renowned rhinoplasty specialist, Dr Montein. Our rhinoplasty specialists are the best in Thailand and can perform open rhinoplasty procedures or rhinoplasty augmentation.

Their expertise means they can offer many different types of adjustment, including:

  • Straightening, raising or lowering the bridge of the nose
  • Removing bumps and ridges
  • Contouring
  • Realigning the nose tip

We have four preferred surgeons that we work with for rhinoplasty as they specialise in this field.

The prices in the surgical chart below are a guideline only
For your personal assessment and cosmetic surgery quote from one of Thailand’s best surgeons, please scroll to the bottom and click on the yellow button. Completing the form and attaching your photos is the first step towards getting the look you want.

Surgeon Plastic and reconstructive
Consultation Included
Hours in theatre 4-5 hours
Anaesthesia General
Hospital stay 1-2 nights
Time at destination 10-14 days
Post-op recovery time 6-12 months
Prices start from THB 160,000; NZD $6,666; AUD $6,400
Thailand hospital policy or guarantee Included