10% off 2 areas and 15% off 3 areas till Dec 31st

– upper and lower abdomen, waist and hips

$6,900* NZD

OR $6,330* AUD


Liposuction – upper and lower abdomen waist and hips

10% off 2 areas and 15% off 3 areas till Dec 31st (eg. 3 areas would be upper abs, lower abs, hips, waist, love handles.)

This package includes:

  • 8 nights accommodation includes hospital stay
  • 4 star twin share
  • All transfers to and from the airport, hotel and hospital
  • Single private room at the hospital, operating theatre and all hospital and surgery charges. All drugs, routine and take home medicines.
  • Plastic surgeon – surgery and pre and post-op consultations
  • Daily buffet breakfast
  • FREE wifi
  • Daily washing free of charge
  • Free soft drinks
  • Late check out at 12 noon

Terms and conditions

Please note:

Surgery prices quoted are for planning purposes only to assist you in budgeting. These prices are for standard, non complicated cases. Actual prices cannot be accurately provided until you have been thoroughly examined by the surgeon/dentist. Please take into account that any additional surgery, nights in hospital/clinic, medications, must be paid to the hospital at the time of care. Prices are indications only and can change depending on the exchange rate of the day. Accurate quotes are given to you on enquiry.

The actual price paid in your currency cannot be guaranteed as it depends on the exchange rate of the day. You will pay your travel package direct to MediCation on booking and for your surgery to the Hospital after your consultation therefore the package prices above will be split into 2 payments.
Prices for accommodation and surgery can change be updated at any time and we cannot guarantee the price you pay until our booking. Once you have made your booking, the price will be guaranteed but until then, the prices quoted above will change and fluctuate at any time.

Smoking can cause delayed recovery, wound break down and increased risk of infection. We strongly recommend you stop smoking 4 weeks prior to surgery and 4 weeks post surgery.

Bookings are essential for flights and accommodation and to arrange dates email info@medication.co.nz
The price is for the procedure advertised. The price is for twin share accommodation.
A preliminary assessment of your suitability for the standard procedure will be made before you leave N.Z.

Airline seats and hotel accommodation are subject to availability. Consultation and surgery dates must be arranged and booked in advance.


“This was a treat I had been promising myself for years, and once I had sold my house I was determined to do it. You only live once. I am so pleased with how I look and I feel great!”

Lee Ann traveled with MediCation and had her amazing 7-procedure transformation in August 2017.