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Introducing Jacqui Wilson

My fascination with plastic and cosmetic surgery began years ago. Unfortunately, it was due to a serious accident that I became so infatuated with it. I was 9 years old, and it was the Christmas holidays. Playing outside and chasing my brother, I accidentally tripped on a step and went through a glass door.

If I had have gone straight through the glass door I would have been fine, but I was small, and the glass door was one of those old-fashioned doors, almost like a wooden door with 3 square shaped glass windows in it. One under the other, if that makes sense. I went through the bottom two panes and the wood that separated the panes of glass stopped me going all the way through the door and rebounded me back.

This is where the damage was done. I lost part of my nose and had scars to my face and arm. Miraculously my surgeon whom I respect and admire to this day managed to rebuild my nose and pretty much put me back together. The accident never stopped me from doing anything, but it did leave me with scars.

I remained fascinated by plastic and cosmetic surgery. Always hoping that there would be some new procedure that would take away my scars, but life moved on into my teenage years where partying like a rock star and going out with boys became far more important. It wasn’t long before I had met my future husband and 2 weeks shy of my 22nd birthday I was now a mum to 3 beautiful boys. Sam my oldest and twin sons Ben and Josh.

After having my twins who weighed an enormous 7 pound 4 and 8 pound 1, I was left with saggy boobs and a tummy thats resemblance was closer to that of a deflated balloon with stretch marks all over it, than a 22 years olds stomach. As much as I loved my little family, I felt miserable. I was 22 years old and had the body of a 90-year-old. It really knocked my confidence. I exercised like crazy. I jogged, I did sit ups.

I lost weight and toned up, but my breasts and tummy never changed – in fact they looked worse because I had lost weight. After a couple of years, I decided to go and see how much it would cost to get a tummy tuck and a boob job. I nearly fell off my chair when the surgeon told me how much it would cost. I could have paid off a quarter of our then mortgage.

I researched for several years before deciding on the hospitals and clinics MediCation would be affiliated with. Meeting after meeting. I must have attended hundreds. This was quite a few years ago now and it was still seen as taboo and dissed by NZ surgeons and dentists, because of the what they called cheap prices. They couldn’t believe the surgery or dentistry could be of the same quality as NZ, because of the cost. They called them cheap. I saw them as affordable and if a 22-year-old me had of known about this way back when… I would have jumped at the chance.

From humble beginnings MediCation has grown, adding some super star talents to our surgeons portfolio. Surgeons who specialise in face lift, rhinoplasty and multiple procedures to name just a few. We have dental clinics whose dentists have trained in the US, London, Australia and Japan. Implantologists specialising in all on 4 dental implants, giving people back their smile and their confidence. Skin clinics for all sorts of beauty procedures from botox to hair removal.

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