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How it works

You’ve done your research and you’ve read every page of MediCation’s website. Now, if you haven’t already done so, complete our free assessment form.

Once you have completed the free assessment form and attached the photographs , we send your information to one of our specialist surgeons.

We have been in this industry for 5 years so have excellent knowledge when it comes to pairing our clients with surgeons who specialize in the procedure/s you desire.

The free assessment does not bind you to anything and if you do not wish to go any further, that is completely fine, however most of the time people do want to go ahead and are quickly back in touch to make arrangements.

When our surgeons have assessed your forms and photographs they will contact us with their recommendation a quote for the procedure/s and the length of time, you would need to stay in Thailand.

Our surgeons and hospitals all have hospital policies or guarantees around revision surgery. In short this means to be entitled to the guarantee, you must stay for the length of time the surgeon states in your assessment.

For example breast augmentation patients are required to stay 7-8 days. Most clients are extremely happy with these terms, imagine being told you “have to” have a holiday.

When you arrive in Thailand

When you arrive in Thailand you will be met at the airport by our driver.

You will have been sent a map and a meeting point along with your itinerary prior to leaving for Thailand and you won’t miss our driver as he will be waving a big sign around with your name on it.

From the airport you will be taken to the hotel.

Get a good nights sleep and if you are having surgery the next day, remember not to eat anything after midnight.

The next morning you will be collected once again by our driver and taken to the hospital. All of this will be in your itinerary.

Your first appointment will be your consultation with the surgeon

Blood tests and a health check

Surgery usually follows the same day

The amount of nights you spend in hospital will depend on the procedure you are having but rest assured when it is time to be discharged our driver will be there to collect you and drive you back to the hotel.

A Follow up appointment with the surgeon will be arranged before you leave the hospital and this is usually 5 to 7 days later.

The surgeon will also give you post op instructions and antibiotics before you are discharged. Antibiotics are given, as a preventative measure.

During the follow up appointment the surgeon will take out any stitches and remove dressings. You will also be given instructions to follow during the recovery phase of your cosmetic holiday.

The day you are due to fly home looking and feeling fabulous our driver will meet you in the hotel lobby and escort you to the airport.

MediCations role is to make your cosmetic surgery journey as seamless as possible.

We arrange everything from transfers to hospital appointments, consultations and follow up appointments with your surgeon.

We are affiliated with hotels and resorts in Phuket, Bangkok and Pattaya to suit every budget.

You can select one of our packages or with the assistance of our travel advisor, we can tailor your travel plan to suit.

Because of our close relationship with our hoteliers and resorts we are able to offer first rate accommodation at affordable prices so you not only save thousands on your procedure but on your travel also.

For MediCation travellers we have nurse care packages so there is no need to feel alone during your cosmetic journey.

Our registered nurses / hosts can accompany you to all of your hospital appointments or if it’s the after care you are concerned about they can also pop in on you at the hotel as many times as you would like, before you return to the Hospital for your follow up appointment with your Plastic surgeon.

Select a package from the website or contact us and we will tailor a nurse care package to suit.

As well as everything we have mentioned and not forgetting we have hospitals and hand selected surgeons that give a guarantee, we can also point you in the right direction for insurance and or cover.

For travel insurance we are affiliated with 1 cover. We also provide information about Global insurance which includes a policy for international travellers seeking medical complication insurance.

Return cover is available also and in the unlikely event, that you should need to return to Thailand for remedial surgery your flights, transfers and accommodation would be covered under Return cover.

Get Your Free Assessment

With MediCation, rest assured you are in the best possible hands.