Yanhee Hospital

Yanhee Hospital


Yanhee Hospital was founded 30 years ago by a group of best Dr friends, fresh out of medical school. They opened their doors as Yanhee Polyclinic and back then served mainly Thai people as a small out patient clinic. The hospital was named Yanhee after a nearby Yanhee electric power station to give patients a landmark for easy directions.

We handle all arrangements for our NZ and international clients but due to our plastic surgeons’ increasing popularity, appointments may be limited. If you know the procedure you are wanting, please complete our FREE personal assessment form to avoid disappointment.

Hospital Description

Yanhee is a 400-bed facility, staffed with  excellent plastic surgeons, all board certified. Collectively, they have performed thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures from breast augmentation to thigh lifts.

Yanhee Hospital also has an excellent cosmetic gynaecology ward run by Dr Vitasna who trained in the US and Europe.

A whole floor in the hospital is dedicated to non-surgical beauty treatments such as thermage and ulthera to lift and tighten the face, hair removal, Botox, fillers, face whitening, eyebrow tattooing and more.

There is an eye clinic for lasik and a wellness centre for those seeking iv infusions or colonics.

The nursing staff and plastic surgeons are constantly attending seminars and specialised training courses to become acquainted with new skills, techniques and technologies.

Yanhee Hospital
454 Charasanitwong Road, Bang-O
Bangkok 10700 Thailand


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