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Individual results may vary. Results may vary significantly between patients. No plastic surgery procedure will achieve the same result, even if the procedure is carried out by the same plastic surgeon.

MEDICATION TOURS website connects customers to cosmetic surgery and dental surgery in Asia. Cosmetic surgery and associated medical treatment are provided by medical professionals, and dental procedures are provided by qualified dentists. MEDICATION TOURS does not itself provide or supply the cosmetic surgery, the medical treatment, or the dental treatment, and MEDICATION TOURS services are provided, and you proceed, strictly on the basis that (a ) you have assessed the implications and risks of undertaking treatment in Asia on your own, without being influenced or persuaded to do so by MEDICATION TOURS and (b) you acknowledge and accept that the role of MEDICATION TOURS is limited as set out above, and that MEDICATION TOURS is not responsible or liable for the quality or efficacy of any procedure or treatment, or for any injury or defect or disability or difficulty which occurs during, or arises after or as a consequence of, any procedure or treatment or any action or inaction on the part of the treatment provider or personnel, before, during, or after the procedure treatment; and (c) you release MEDICATION TOURS from any and all responsibility and liability that MEDICATION TOURS might otherwise have had in relation to any procedure or treatment. (d) You are aware and accept MEDICATION TOURS services are by administration fees and referrals from affiliated businesses and groups under the medical tourism and medical tourist umbrella.