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While every surgery carries with it an element of risk, it is very rare for our clients to experience post-surgery issues. For our New Zealand clients, we have an on-call New Zealand plastic surgeon who is available to consult with you when you return home.

Our packages include your accommodation and transfers

Hot Deal – Breast Augmentation – Bangkok Pattaya

Be quick ladies — spaces are filling up FAST !!!

My Tummy Tuck Results

I invite you to join me on my personal journey, as I travel to Thailand for a tummy tuck

My Tummy Tuck Journey

I invite you to join me on my personal journey, as I travel to Thailand for a tummy tuck

Breast Reduction

Thailand breast reduction For some ladies, it is not bigger breasts they are looking for… it’s a breast reduction. Being heavy breasted can be a burden – from restricting exercise, to unsightly dents in shoulders left by bra straps stretched to capacity trying to hold...

Breast Augmentation

Phuket breast augmentation package at Bangkok prices When it comes to Breast Augmentation packages and the most affordable prices, Bangkok was often the preferred choice. Not any more... fortunately for MediCation Tours clients, we are now able to offer our 8 Night...

Top tips for visiting Thailand

When travelling to Bangkok... Jandals are your best friend We cannot stress enough the importance of packing a pair of jandals. You’ll be glad you did. Pack your most comfortable outfits. Garments that don’t cling to you. Shorts, light t-shirts, roomy dresses and big...

Information Thailand – Mummy Makeovers

What is a mummy makeover and is it just for mummies?The short answer, it’s a breast procedure and tummy tuck The most common breast procedure is a standard breast augmentation, but not all will fit into this category. Some women will need a breast lift and others will...

Information Thailand – Payment Plan

Should I pay off my cosmetic surgery holiday?The question of whether or not it is a good idea to get a payment plan to pay for cosmetic surgery is a personal choice. For some, it may be the only way to get the procedure they want or need in a shorter period of time....

What’s News Thailand – Rhinoplasty Genius

Whats News Thailand? Dr Supasid that's what - Our Rhinoplasty Genius !!! We make no secret of the fact that we work with the best plastic and reconstructive surgeons in Thailand. In fact quite the opposite, we are proud to shout that from the roof tops. The latest...

Information Thailand – Welcome

Welcome to our first What's News Thailand blog! Our weekly blogs will cover the many different topics that make up medical tourism in Thailand, from cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation and mummy makeovers to our new group trips which will be a...

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