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We are professional planners for cosmetic surgery holidays in Thailand

We are professional planners for cosmetic surgery holidays in Thailand

MediCation is a New Zealand company founded and managed by Jacqui Wilson. Jacqui has years of knowledge and personal experience within the medical tourism industry. We take a personal and professional approach with each client to ensure you fully understand what your procedure entails and minimise your risks pre and post-surgery.

Personal experience

Jacqui knows what a big decision having a cosmetic procedure is. She’s been in your shoes. Jacqui sees it as her job to educate and reassure those going to Thailand, of the extremely high standard and professional services offered by MediCation’s partner hospitals and clinics in South East Asia.

Cost effective

Price usually plays a big factor in the reasoning behind people travelling to Thailand for cosmetic surgery or dental treatments. Low prices does not mean poor quality of work or materials used. Our plastic surgeons use top of the line, silicone breast implants (not saline) and if you are having dental crowns or implants, our dentists will give you a choice of material. You will be kept informed and given options throughout your cosmetic surgery procedure.

We hand select each of our board-certified Surgeons

After years of facilitating cosmetic procedures for people, from all around the world, we have the knowledge and expertise to match patients with our best cosmetic surgeons for excellent results. Our plastic and cosmetic surgeons have years of experience and have performed thousands of procedures, trained in Thailand, USA or London.

All of our surgeons are board certified and each of them have a passion for particular procedures each choosing to dedicate their spare time on extra training, keeping up to date with new techniques. Whether it is an open rhinoplasty you are requesting, or a nose implant, we will pair you with the best surgeon for a natural looking result.

Multiple procedures are frequently requested by MediCation clients and we have surgeons who specialize in two or more procedures at a time. You may recognise some of our plastic surgeons from TV – shows such as ‘Beauty and the Beach’ and ‘Operation Thailand’.

We also have plastic surgeons who specialise in SRS and female feminisation, and cosmetic surgeons who are gurus of vaginal rejuvenation. There is a lot of up and coming talent in Thailand in the surgical field, and in time these plastic and cosmetic surgeons will also be added to our portfolio.

Our Hospitals are JCI accredited

Our partner hospitals are all JCI accredited which in short means they meet American standard. JCI is a sign of approval for the international traveller. Our clients will experience hospital facilities of international western quality and care.

All of our JCI accredited hospitals and plastic surgeons work under either a hospital guarantee or hospital policy that in the event revision surgery becomes necessary and can be attributed to the surgery, the revision surgery will generally be done at no cost or a reduced cost to the client.

The skills of our surgeons and health care professionals, the technology, hygiene and safety practices of our hospitals are world class.

Fly Back Cover for that extra peace of mind

Fly back cover is your warranty to yourself in the unlikely event you may need to return to Thailand for revision surgery. Our hospitals and surgeons stand by their guarantees and hospital policies regarding revision surgery, however they do not cover the travel costs involved such as flights, hotel and ground transfers.

Select a MediCation Tours Package for the smoothest recovery

Our cosmetic surgery holiday packages include all hospital appointments, theatre, surgeons fee, anaesthetist, medicines, hospital stay and hospital meals. Your airport/hotel and hospital transfers and accommodation are also included. Our packages are ideal for anyone but especially for first timers to Thailand or for those travelling alone.

Back home… we’ve got you covered!

Once upon a time this was one of the biggest fears – What if I get home and something goes wrong?

The chances of anything going wrong are very rare, but if you are ever concerned, the first thing you should do is contact your GP.

If you feel it’s more serious, then get in touch immediately. We are also very fortunate to have a New Zealand plastic surgeon we can call on, that will consult with our New Zealand clients.


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