Thailand breast reduction

For some ladies, it is not bigger breasts they are looking for… it’s a breast reduction. Being heavy breasted can be a burden – from restricting exercise, to unsightly dents in shoulders left by bra straps stretched to capacity trying to hold the weight. Then there is the cost of getting larger sized bras. I am not sure if its just me, but I have noticed the bigger bras get, the less attractive they seem to get as well.

MediCation Tours – breast reduction specialists

We work with Thailand’s best plastic and reconstructive surgeons.  They give our ladies amazing results, taking clients such as the MediCation Tours client featured in the photos from a 34GG to a comfortable 34D.  There is an art in what they do with genuine care and attention to detail to give the best results possible.

For breast reduction you will be advised by our plastic surgeons to stay in Thailand for 10 to 14 days. Our surgeons are thorough and after your hospital stay you will be monitored to make sure you are healing well and stitches are removed before you are given the all clear to fly home.

For some MediCation Tours clients who are time restricted, special allowances can be made and will be discussed with the surgeon on a case by case basis.

Assessments from Thailand’s top plastic surgeons are free. For a free assessment and quote, please complete our online form and attach your photographs.

Always dreamt of having breast reduction in Thailand but unsure how to pay for it?

Not sure you can afford the full amount for your dream procedure? Need a little assistance? Not a problem as we work with a fantastic finance company with excellent interest rates. Find out about payment plans.

If you have been dreaming of having a breast reduction at an affordable price, and a break in the sunshine away from our dreary winter, then there is no better time than today – contact us!

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