Phuket breast augmentation package at Bangkok prices

When it comes to Breast Augmentation packages and the most affordable prices, Bangkok was often the preferred choice. Not any more… fortunately for MediCation Tours clients, we are now able to offer our 8 Night Breast Augmentation Package in Phuket, putting us on a par with Bangkok prices.

What’s included in the package?

The breast augmentation package includes all transfers, hotel stay and your breast augmentation surgery. Your breast augmentation will be performed by one of our most popular plastic and reconstructive surgeons, for the same price as the breast augmentation procedure alone at Phuket’s main hospital.

How can we do this, I hear you ask?

Your breast augmentation surgery will be performed in our Phuket plastic and reconstructive surgeon’s newly-built private practice, which houses four operating theatres. The breast surgery is performed to the same high standards as in Phuket’s main hospital, in a fully equipped and sterile theatre, under a general anaesthetic. Not twilight. After surgery you will spend a few hours in recovery before being transferred to Dibuk Hospital where you will spend one night.

This is an exclusive between MediCation Tours and our top Phuket Plastic surgeon. He is also able to perform other procedures in his private practice – enquire here

To qualify, you must be a standard breast augmentation using round implants. Teardrop implants are also available at an extra cost.

Breast augmentation is one of MediCation Tours’ most popular procedures, frequently requested by women of all ages. Women who have had children, love the idea of a breast augmentation to give their breasts back fullness, whilst our younger clients usually request breast augmentation to increase the size of their bust lines. Whatever the reason, it is without a doubt a great way to boost your self esteem. Escaping the chilly wet winter and combining a week’s holiday in sunny Phuket is also an added bonus. Some ladies like to take their husbands or partners and even the kids, while others like to go with a friend or travel alone. We arrange everything from appointments to accommodation, transfers, travel insurance and even fly back cover if you request it.

Our Phuket plastic surgeon has performed thousands of breast augmentations on women from all around the world.

We work with a fantastic travel agent and Thai airlines and if you book your flight 3 months in advance, we can usually get you to Phuket for $999 return. However, you need to select dates that do not fall in the school holidays or xmas and we must confirm the surgeons availability first.

Not sure you can afford the full amount for your dream procedure? Need a little assistance? This is not a problem either as we work with a fantastic finance company with excellent interest rates. Find out about payment plans.

If you have been dreaming of having a breast augmentation at an affordable price, and a week’s break in the sunshine away from our dreary winter, then there is no better time than today – contact us

Thai Airways to Phuket ex Auckland $999 return
(T&C apply)


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